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11.12.2008 15:30 Age: 12 Jahre

ICT 2008

Category: public

By: Christian Kahl

PICOS was successfully presented in the Networking Session "Privacy, Identity Management and Dependability in Emerging ICT-based Interaction Scenarios: Trustworthy Fulfilment of Requirements beyond purely Technological Innovation" at the ICT 2008 conference in Lyon. The session was intended, to present and discuss some of the first results and approaches of PICOS. Beside presentations from the PICOS team, a further presentation by Massimo Felici (University of Edinburgh) was given about the "Multidiscplinarity of Trust". The session included a lively discussion about the presented topics.

A summary of the session as well as the presentations can be found here.

Moreover, PICOS was represented also in the Sessions "A Trustworthy Information Society" and "Privacy meets ICT Practice".